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We will never have true civilization until we have learned to recognize the rights of others. — Will Rogers

Soundtrack to 28 Days Later 2003.07.07.03:14

(I promise not to cajole you about seeing the movie in this entry.)

cover One of the things that really stuck with me long after seeing this movie was the music it featured. Most of it is very soft and menacing, staying in the background only to leap out for a few bars (or even just a few notes) at a time, before dropping back to the shadows again. The acapella hymn sung at an early point in the movie is just as haunting without the imagery it accompanies. Maybe because everytime I hear it, I remember what was going on at that point. The tracks "AM 180" and "Season Song" should be making the rounds of radio stations by now, but they haven't caught on. I won't be at all surprised if/when they do.

The U.S. release of the S/T features some club mixes of a couple of the tracks, as well as some data tracks for PC users. Haven't checked out the latter, but the dance tracks are a nice touch. But they don't dredge up memories like the original versions do.

Highly recommended.

(OK, I lied. If you haven't seen the film yet, do so.)

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7:46 And Counting... I Hope A Special Someone Reads This 2003.07.07.02:56

It now appears that my flight should leave SJC at or about 8:36. I've moved from the general terminal area to the secured area near my gate. Trying to find a place where I can plug in my laptop (so as to not drain the battery if I don't have to), I walked over to a designed "Business Operation Center" in this gate-area. Basically, it's a groups of partitioned desks with power outlets in range of one of the wireless hotpoints. But one desk is occupied by a guy reading a book, and two of the desks are enveloped by a three-woman chit-chat session, which has also consumed the chair of a third desk. So I asked if they knew what had happened to the chair, trying to be non-aggressive about it. Hoping that they might take the hint that someone might actually want to use the desks for work. One woman said, "Yes, I have it. We're just having a little talk together."

Hey, here's a thought: move to the chairs where everyone else is sitting. You know, the chairs that aren't part of the BUSINESS CENTER, where the absence of power outlets won't bother you in the least.

Best part: One of the others says to the one I spoke with, "I guess he just felt he needed to say something, to express himself." Yes. That is it exactly. I was expressing the fact that you are all inconsiderate gits who could have made a simple move and shown some basic consideration. If I were truly as rude as you were implying, I'd have outright asked you to move, instead of simply saying that what I wanted the chair for was not that important.

OK, I suppose the long day I've been through is starting to get to me... but I do hope that through some weird quirk of fate, she reads this.

# [/misc]

And If I Am Lying, May Lightning Strike Me D– AAAHHHH! 2003.07.07.01:56
# [/funny]

Props to Wayport 2003.07.07.01:11

I'm stuck at San Jose (California) airport due to a 3-4 hour delay in my flight to Portland. But all is not lost, as Intel and Wayport have conspired to tempt away my money a fair $6.95 at a pop. That's the cost for one days' connection through the WiFi network they have around the terminal here. Sure, it's not what you would call cheap. But I have nearly two more hours to wait before boarding begins, and even if I could sneak away for a movie, it would cost me more than $6.95. This gets me IMAP, ssh, and most importantly, pr0n. And it seems to be a good, clean and fast signal.

# [/tech]

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