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We will never have true civilization until we have learned to recognize the rights of others. — Will Rogers

Some Afterthoughts 2004.10.01.06:58
# [/politics/debate2004-1]

The Eyes Have It 2004.10.01.02:45

Four years ago, everyone was up in mock indignation at Gore's audible sighing.

This time around, Bush was rolling his eyes as often or more so. Will we hear about this? Or will the "liberal media" overlook it?

# [/politics/debate2004-1]

Fact Check: No. 4 in a Series 2004.10.01.02:39
# [/politics/debate2004-1]

The Real Way of Measuring Score on the Debate 2004.10.01.02:38

A caller to C-SPAN after the debate:

"The final score was three glasses of water for President Bush, one drink of water for Mr. Kerry."

# [/politics/debate2004-1]

Some Quotes I Missed 2004.10.01.02:28

Because of my spotty stream at first, I missed these gems from Kerry:

"We didn't need that tax cut. America needed to be safe."

"I made a mistake in how I talked about the war. The President made a mistake in how he conducted the war. Which is worse?"

(Found at http://demwatch.blogspot.com/)

# [/politics/debate2004-1]

Fact Check, No. 3 in a Series 2004.10.01.02:17
# [/politics/debate2004-1]

Fact Check, No. 2 in a Series 2004.10.01.02:00
# [/politics/debate2004-1]

Fact Check, No. 1 of a Series 2004.10.01.01:58
# [/politics/debate2004-1]

Access Restored: Thank You C-SPAN 2004.10.01.01:50

Thanks to C-SPAN, I've got a good feed that is both audio and video. And this has led me to two interesting observations:

  • C-SPAN is showing both candidates in a split-screen format. I suppose it's because of the stringent rules of the "debate", but they're showing Kerry's podium clearly 6-8 inches lower than Bushes. God forbid anyone should see that Kerry is taller than Bush.
  • When Bush is speaking, Kerry looks forward, or looks down and writes notes. Occassionally looks to his left (probably looking at Bush). When Kerry is speaking, Bush is fidgeting looking all over the place like a bored, schoolkid waiting for the bell to ring.

Currently, Bush is waxing nostalgic about a specific widow he can mention by name. But then, Kerry's is making oblique Vietnam references in his response, so that point has got be called a draw.

I thought Bush would be more eloquent. Debating is supposedly his strong suit. This is looking a lot more like Kennedy-Nixon '60 than Bush-Gore '00.

# [/politics/debate2004-1]

First Debate Nugget 2004.10.01.01:29

I'm not going to be able to get the whole of the debate, because I'm at my office. The demand for streaming audio seems to be high, because my RealPlayer client keeps losing its place in the stream. So I'll have to rely on what bits I both get and get clearly-enough to reliably repeat.

Here's the first:

BUSH: "If you harbor a terrorist, you're as guilty as a terrorist."

15 of 19 9/11 hijackers were Saudi Arabians. This must be bad news for them, no?

# [/politics/debate2004-1]

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