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We will never have true civilization until we have learned to recognize the rights of others. — Will Rogers

Happy Cows Come From California 2003.06.06.23:23
# [/funny]

Part of the Reason Learning Java Feels Dirty 2003.06.06.07:43

Sun, JBoss Square Off
Sun is considering taking the JBoss Group to court over its use of J2EE terminology.

(Link and byline taken from the Dr. Dobb's Web Site news archive. Be warned that something in the news.com.com page has caused Mozilla on my Linux desktop to crash consistently.)

This is the sort of thing that makes me resistant to Java and Sun in general. Sun would have the (programming) world running Java, but only their Java, under their terms. But we're supposed to support them because they are helping "fight the good fight" against Microsoft's encroaching monopoly efforts. By attempting to create their own monopoly.

# [/tech]

A Pesky Homework Assignment 2003.06.06.07:15

My shrink tasked me with something that should be much easier than it has proven to be. In reaction to my ongoing frustration with relationships, I was asked to make up a list of the things I want in a relationship.

See, while I do suffer most of the complaints that your average Silicon Valley Single Make Geek does (social awkwardness, limited exposure to potential dating partners, etc.), the problem that plagues me the most is that I tend to sabotage my chances before I even get so far as to complain about my lack of chances. I'm a crappy housekeeper (stuff laying everywhere, bathroom a mess), I get phone numbers and then forget to ever call, I talk myself out of even making an effort.

Even this task has proven to be almost beyond me– I spent the first several attempts getting distracted by personal traits, not sure if I should be looking for what I want in a relationship or what I want in a partner. Of course, it was a moot point; I had just as much trouble with either list. And I'm not going to list what I did come up with here, anyway. But it made me wonder how many other people there are out there who are stuck in relationship cycles because they confuse what they want in the relationship with what they want in a partner.

# [/thoughts/rships]

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