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We will never have true civilization until we have learned to recognize the rights of others. — Will Rogers

Bush/Nero Picks/Fiddles While Nola/Rome Floods/Burns 2005.08.31.23:58
# [/politics]

AmeriCares.org 2005.08.31.23:40

Acting on a suggestion from a friend, I've made a donation for Hurricane Katrina relief by way of AmeriCares. According to him, this organization has a stellar record of getting aid to the places it is needed, has extremely low overhead (meaning a much higher percentage of monies donated go to aid vs. bureaucracy), and a long track record from events such as the tsunami last December and 9/11.

Do whatever you can to help the victims in New Orleans. You don't have to go through AmeriCares, but for the sake of humanity do something.

# [/misc]

Looks Like Diamonds Aren't Forever, After All 2005.08.31.01:37
# [/tech]

A Bit of Embarassment for Scotland Yard 2005.08.18.04:03

Remember that Brazilian that London police shot and killed a few weeks ago? You know, the one who was running from the police? Who was wearing a padded coat in the warmth of summer, and had vaulted the barriers in the tube station in his effort to flee?

Turns out, none of the above. Seems the only part that was true, was that he got shot to death.

# [/politics]

Mad Props to PDX, Yo 2005.08.07.19:11

I noticed a WiFi signal when I started-up my laptop. I expected it to be the same, silly charge-per-day service they have at San Jose (SJC), San Francisco (SFO), Dallas (DFW), etc. Nope.

It seems that the managers of this airport have figured out that the cost of maintaining WiFi is so negligible as to be easily amortized over the other gouging services (food, drink, etc.), and thus it is free. And by free, I mean as in beer, not just as in speech.

I was prepared to be reduced to playing Solitaire for the next three hours. Now I can actually do something interesting.

(If there are any stories about weird happenings at Portland Airport in tomorrow's news, I promise it wasn't me. I mean, it won't be.)

(Note to U.S. Attorney General Gonzales: Just kidding.)

# [/tech]

Recent Health Issues 2005.08.04.22:21

For those who know about the tests I've had recently, they all came back negative. Of course, that's a pyrric victory, since it opens the door to surgery in the near future. But at least there are no surprises...

# [/thoughts/health]

Open Source Convention != OS Usage By Venue 2005.08.02.22:26


Though it isn't too clear (despite climbing up on a railing to get a closer shot), this is an ActiveX error dialog. It's showing up on the announcements screen for the venue of this year's Open Source Conference.

I'm sure there will be plenty of people here who can offer suggestions to the center's IT department.

# [/tech]

Here in Portland 2005.08.01.19:20

OSCON 2005, and I'm already through one tutorial. About to grab lunch (after I finish some updates, don't want to turn off the net connection just yet), and go to another tutorial this afternoon. Since the convention proper doesn't start until Wednesday, not a lot of people are around, yet. I've run into a few already, though.

How much of Portland beyond the convention center I get to see, that remains to be seen.

# [/misc]

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