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We will never have true civilization until we have learned to recognize the rights of others. — Will Rogers

For Some Values of 'Revolutionary' 2005.01.03.06:03

Time Magazine has named President Bush their 2004 Person of the Year. On the magazine cover itself, it refers to him as "American Revolutionary". This just offends me to no end, in some ways moreso than the elections themselves.

We've just spent a year putting up with the dirtiest, most negative presidential campaign in modern memory. People played up the "Swift Boat Veterans for Truth" <cough> ad campaigns as though they were truth from above, despite the fact that no one in the ads served with Kerry. Then they turned around and hung Dan Rather out to dry over some memos whose origins couldn't be proven 100%, ignoring the many other stories about his lack of attendance at his ANG posting. Our standing with the rest of the world has fallen to all-time lows, as has the standing of our currency on world markets. At our current rate, we'll be neither the world's leading economy nor the world's leader in tech innovation within 5-10 years. Money is being taken away from AIDS and family planning, while being given to groups like the Rev. Moon's Unification Church or groups/people closely associated.

Revolutionary, indeed. The line between church and state is more blurred than it has been in probably 50 years or more. And there are clearly people out there who want that line gone. People who voted for Bush strictly on the grounds of his (loudly and frequently) proclaimed faith. People who would support the Alabama congressman who called for all books depicting or promoting anything to do with homosexuality taken from public libraries and destroyed. He got a private meeting with Time's PotY. Several, in fact.

People in general, and Time in particular, seem to have forgotten that this country wasn't founded by people like George W. Bush, Pat Roberston, Jerry Falwell or John Ashcroft. It was founded by people who left England to get away from people like George W. Bush, Pat Roberston, Jerry Falwell and John Ashcroft. Going backwards to that isn't revolutionary, it's de-evolutionary.

# [/politics]

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