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We will never have true civilization until we have learned to recognize the rights of others. — Will Rogers

OoO: Fourth Episode Perspective 2003.06.24.09:09

They haven't introduced any characters that look more like you and me. The show is still populated by the pretty, as I noted in my initial take. But they took on the whole show-about-a-show shtick that I wasn't too keen on, and made it work. The characters have all become very likable, and you feel a kind of sympathy to see them making mistakes simply because they don't have the perspective of the whole scene that you do. Eric Stoltz just seems to be better and better with each episode, and Felicty Huffman's character has developed a lot more than I would have thought.

The next episode up is supposed to be the season finale. I guess that they've made six hours' worth of programming for the first testing of the market for it; the first episode was two hours long, so while the one I just saw was the fourth airing, I guess next week will mean six hours overall. I wish they'd have shown more faith in the show and given us a bigger bite to start out with, but I'll be just as happy if they bring us a second season relatively soon-ish.

# [/entertainment/tv]

Monk is Back 2003.06.24.08:40

I really like USA's Monk. Unfortunately, because of the time it usually airs, I keep forgetting to either watch it or at least tape it (insert your favorite pro-TiVo argument here– I don't watch enough TV weekly or monthly to justify the cost). What I did see of the first season I really enjoyed, and apparently I'm not alone. The series has been a big hit with viewers, and (for a while at least, maybe still?) in an unprecedented move it was picked up for re-airing by ABC (the first time a "major" network has asked to re-syndicate a basic-cable show).

So anyway, it's back for its second season. Same cast, same set-up. New theme by Randy Newman (very catchy, and the lyrics are hilarious if you pay close attention). It also has a little better budget, so they get things like name-stars (Andrew McCarthy in the season-opener, though I suppose there are arguments as to whether he qualifies anymore). The writing is still sharp, and the jokes are still (mostly) subtle. I nearly did a spit-take when, during a chess game, Monk's assistant licked her queen before making a risky move (knowing that he couldn't bear to touch the queen in order to take it). And it goes without saying that when he stands in as a substitute teacher, the students have a field day with him.

So, if you haven't watched it yet, give it a look. This is some funny stuff.

# [/entertainment/tv]

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