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We will never have true civilization until we have learned to recognize the rights of others. — Will Rogers

Sleeping Too Much 2003.06.09.08:28

I'm sleeping too much.

I mean, a lot. Enough to interfere in what I'm trying to actually do with my days. This weekend, I've averaged over 12 hours a day. I slept today until nearly 4 in the afternoon, and I feel tired now. I have to finish my presentation for OSCON by Tuesday. I have all my notes, and I know what order I want things to go in. But I'm too tired all the time, I feel like I'm walking around in a fugue-state.

Think maybe my depression isn't as under control as I would believe it to be. That, or it's the thyroid stuff. I haven't had any medication for that in months. Maybe I need to see my doctor and get that prescription refilled...

# [/thoughts/health]

Static-Clingy 2003.06.09.07:40

I've completed the transition to static rendering for the most part. On the plus side, this should mean much faster response times for readers of the journal (assuming there are any). Unfortunately, not everything fits itself well to this model. The elements that are more volatile are still suffering, and I have to forcibly re-render at regular intervals to make sure that new stories show up and that the calendar/archive remains up-to-date. But I'm still looking at ways to fix those. Things like the lists of books and other web-log links, etc., I have made into SSI links. This was important if only because that represented about 10% (or more) of a given page's content in bytes, and there was no reason to replicate it over the entire archive tree.

I still plan on adding a comments system, as well as restoring the random-nature of the top-of-page quotes and such. But I have other deadlines to process in the immediate-term.

# [/tech]

New TV: <a href="http://us.imdb.com/Details?0329476">Out of Order</a> 2003.06.09.07:26

With the passing of 4 of my regular TV shows, I've been wondering if there would be anything new to threaten my productivity. A few contenders on the horizon, and this is one of the first new ones I've seen.

It stars Eric Stoltz, Felicity Huffman and Kim Dickens. Also appearing regularly are William H. Macy and Justine Bateman. Stoltz and Huffman are a husband and wife screenwriting duo, starting to show strain after 16 years of marriage. It's completely and totally soap opera, but I admit I really like it so far, after just the pilot episode.

Everyone is flawed. None are malicious. Huffman's character suffers from depression, but is choosing to self-medicate, and it isn't working. She sees it, but can't quite stop herself. Stoltz tries hard to be supportive even through the worst trials. The other characters drift in and out of this orbit with their own shortcomings and problems. Aside from the usually Hollywood fare where everyone is pretty, the characters all seem very much the sort you would expect to have living next door to you, or passing by in the aisles at the local grocery. Some of the dialog is a little silly, and the narration perspective (Stoltz narrating as though we're the audience for his latest film... get it?) seems fairly overdone. And the very end of the pilot episode is quite hokey.

This all said, I do plan on watching the next few episodes. I think this one could develop into something really interesting.

# [/entertainment/tv]

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